At the VIP Room Theater, one of the most famous Paris nightclubs, BrightSign digital sign controllers have been installed in coffee tables with 32-inch screens set horizontally into the table top. Video clips and playlists are updated remotely over the Internet using the BrightSign Network Manager. What's more, users can send messages in real time to each table with their cellular phone using standard SMS text messaging.

"The simplicity and ease of use of the BrightSign Network Manager application was decisive in our decision to select BrightSign. It's the best merge I know between Internet technologies and digital signage."- Jérôme Hérard, L'île des Médias Managing Director

Project Challenges

  • Combining high-quality video with text content from SMS Messages
  • Update content remotely
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of PC based solutions
  • Deliver stellar video and image quality

BrightSign Benefits

  • Stellar 1080 HD resolution
  • Supports Zones
  • Supports Text Messages delivered via the Internet
  • Offers the best solutions in Internet technologies and digital signage
  • Solid-State Design for easy integration into unique displays

BrightSign Implementation

End-Customer: VIP Room Theater in Paris, France

Integrator: L'île des Médias

Project: Built-in Coffee Table Digital Signage with SMS Text Messaging Interactivity

BrightSign Solution:

  • Six BrightSign units
  • BrightSign Network Manager
  • 1080i Video and image playback
  • Interactivity via text messaging and RSS Feed