BrightSign and Info Retail Help Tempur-Pedic® Gain Competitive Edge with Experiential Product Demonstration in Retail Showrooms

Tempur-Pedic worked with Info Retail and BrightSign to create an engaging shopping experience that maintained maximum control of consumer/brand interaction within the retail environment. The product that resulted from this effort – the Sleep Experience Center (SEC) – has now been implemented in Tempur-Pedic’s US retail distribution showrooms.

The Tempur-Pedic Sleep Experience Center is a compelling example of how digital signage can successfully integrate with rich multimedia and interactive elements to enable an entirely new way of merchandising within a competitive market. The content displayed within the SEC not only educates the customer about Tempur-Pedic products, but it entices the customer to engage with the product for a much longer period, which can increase the likelihood of a sale.


"Previous iterations of the SEC were built on a PC-based solution, which presented several challenges that BrightSign helped us overcome," said Jim Stoklosa, Info Retail’s Director of Digital Signage and Development. "BrightSign gives us a stable, robust platform that saves in upfront and maintenance costs versus a similar, PC-based solution."

Key Facts

Industry: Sleep Products

Location: Retail showrooms throughout the United States

Integrator: Info Retail

Project: Digital Signage for Experiential Product Demonstration


  • Tempur-Pedic “Sleep Experience Center” in 400+ locations nationally.
  • Two BrightSign HD1010 models in each location for a total of 800+ units installed.
  • Introductory messaging is delivered on an interactive 19-inch touch-screen, followed by dynamic content on a 32-inch screen that’s visible to consumers as they relax on the bed.
  • Advanced interactivity triggers head and foot controls at specified intervals within the video presentation to enhance the customer experience.


  • Consumers who lie on a mattress for an extended period of time are more likely to recognize the benefits of Tempur-Pedic’s unique products. Due to the lack of privacy in the retail environment, consumers are hesitant to lie, for any significant length of time, on a mattress they may be interested in purchasing.
  • Attempts to create a sleep experience using signage powered by PC solutions were proven not to be sustainable long term.

The Solution

  • BrightSign controls the entire experience including media engagement, interactive bed functions, synchronized digital signage, and lighting.
  • BrightSign customized the firmware, scripting and logging specifically for Info Retail and Tempur-Pedic’s needs.
  • Screens are synchronized to control flow of information and provide customers with information that corresponds with key product benefits as they are physically demonstrated throughout the Experience.
  • Custom scripts trigger head and foot controls, at specified intervals within the video presentation, to enhance the customer experience.