BrightSign Webinars

Links to helpful BrightSign webinars can be found below. Come back monthly for more webinars and tutorial videos.

Introduction to BrightSign

BrightSign 101 Quick Start Guide - Getting Started With BrightSign

This 60 minute webinar provides an overview of BrightSign models and a detailed explanation of how to get up and running with BrightSign and BrightAuthor.

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BrightSign XD

BrightSign Overview and XD Introduction

This 45 minute webinar provides an overview of the BrightSign total signage solution with emphasis on the three new models in our BrightSign XD product line, their key features and benefits.

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BrightSign XD Introduction

This short 18 minute webinar provides an overview of the three models in our new BrightSign XD product line, key features and benefits.

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BrightAuthor Features

BrightAuthor 3.7 Features Overview

This short 15 minute webinar will explain the new features and capabilities added to the BrightSign XD line of players using BrightAuthor v3.7 and companion firmware update v4.7.

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Using Live Text in BrightSign Presentations

A technical discussion about using Live Text in BrightSign presentations - a useful feature for menu boards, wait lists, transportation schedules and more.

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Exceptional Video Walls with BrightSign

This in depth, 45 minute webinar provides a step-by-step guide to creating spectacular video walls using BrightSign and BrightAuthor.

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Live HDTV and Digital Signage in Sports Bars

Learn how to monetize the displays in sports bars and restaurants byadding digital signage to the Live HDTV displays.

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BrightSign App

Introduction to the BrightSign App

The BrightSign App allows for simple signage content updates and event changes. In this 14 minute webinar, you'll learn how to setup the App to connect with all the BrightSign players on your local area network, and the simple steps for using it.

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Creating BrightAuthor Presentations that work with the BrightSign App

This webinar will teach you how to create signage presentations that work seamlessly with the BrightSign App. You'll be updating and changing your signage with the push of a button on your iPhone or iPad!

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Creating a Branded App Interface with HTML5

This 30 minute webinar will take you through the simple steps for adding a branded look and feel to the BrightSign App using HTML5.

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Using HTML5 Content with BrightSign XD

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HTML Widgets and Special Apps

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Using Data Feeds in HTML

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Layout Management with HTML5

Accomplish much more with your digital signage using BrightSign XD's powerful video engine and our new hardware-accelerated HTML rendering engine. This webinar details how to build and layout BrightSign presentations with HTML5 assets. Learn how HTML5 assets can be built as independent packages vs. a single, flat and large HTML page and layered with videos, images, etc. to deliver a powerful digital sign that out-performs what HTML5 alone can do.

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BrightSign Networking Solutions Overview

This 60 minute webinar provides an overview of all the BrightSign Networking Solutions including free solutions, the BrightSign Network hosted solution, and the BrightSign Network Web UI.

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BrightSign Network Web UI

This 50 minute webinar will teach you about all that's possible using the BrightSign Network Web UI, including how to create user accounts, set user roles and permissions, manage and monitor networked units, and perform basic presentation creation, scheduling and publishing functions.

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Use Geofencing for Effective Place-Based Messaging

Delivering a more relevant and targeted message to your audience spells success. The increased effectiveness of messages and signage that employ geofencing and geo-location features are driving the development of software and player firmware that support this marketing initiative. Learn how to tie presentations to a set radius around a specific GPS coordinate to deliver appropriate messages at the right time and place

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